Veolia Water Technologies treats water for the food industry

As a vital economic sector, the Food & Beverage industry is subject to extremely stringent requirements in many areas – including those related to hygiene, the environment and economics. Veolia Water Technologies controls the water cycle to guarantee customers a solution that combines economic and ecological performance.

Veolia Water Technologies: global water specialist

More than anyone else, Veolia Water Technologies understands the importance of water in the Food & Beverage industry . Our position as a world leader in water cycle management makes us an essential contributor when dealing with industrial and public issues related to the use of water.

We know the needs of Food & Beverage companies and our know-how is a real asset that is appreciated the world over. Our technical and environmental services use advanced water technologies, guaranteeing compliance with increasingly strict health standards for our Food & Beverage customers.

  • Our water treatment technologies comply with all legal requirements to ensure optimum drinking water quality , meeting increasingly stringent requirements for disinfection and purification. We guarantee clean water production to meet the standards of the food industry.
  • Our drinking water quality guarantees protection against legionella. We manage health risks through the use of our preventative water treatment solutions and programs. The breadth of experience of Veolia Water Technologies secures and sanitises treatment plant water as well as water used in cooling towers.

Our partnership with sugar producer Südzucker

Veolia Water Technologies built an anaerobic pre-treatment plant in just five months for one of Europe's largest bioethanol producers, Südzucker. Our two 850m3

reactors clean up more than 90% of the pollutants retained in the water.

Veolia Water Technologies provides high-performance solutions at the best price

Veolia Water Technologies relies on 350 proprietary technologies to carry out our business. Our mastery of environmental and sustainable development issues is a definite asset in meeting the needs of our Food & Beverage customers.

Veolia Water Technologies helps our customers reduce their environmental impact and costs. We can improve production processes from the inside out to support sustainable development in decades to come. Our global expertise enables us to further support customers in the standardization of equipment, recycling of treated effluents and adoption of alternative supply sources.

As water cycle experts, Veolia Water Technologies is well placed to support clients in the food industry in reducing their water consumption. By limiting their water footprint and carbon footprint, our partners can limit wastewater production. These solutions help optimize energy and chemical consumption.


Adaptable solutions for all Food & Beverage players

Veolia Water Technologies has a keen sense of the needs and concerns of the Food & Beverage world. Although not the most water-intensive industry, it is one of its first users and water quality is a crucial issue for this sector – water purity must be at the right level so as not to alter the characteristics of the food products.

Water is found in all components: from raw materials to cooling systems, as well as sanitary installations.

  • Water as a food ingredient (process water)
    The water cycle is at the heart of our business and technologies. Process water is likely to come into contact with food products. Veolia Water Technologies' water meets all the criteria for potability and chemical analysis.
  • Water for industrial use (service water supply)
    Our technologies guarantee additional water production to supply the boilers and cooling towers. The water supplied by Veolia Water Technologies complies with all safety requirements.
  • Wastewater treatment
    Recycling water, reducing sludge and biogas production are among the main challenges facing the Food & Beverage industry. Veolia Water Technologies' solutions ensure efficient and compliant treatments.
  • Treatment and recovery of fats, sludges and derived products
    The food industry is characterised by effluents loaded with fats and organic matter. Going beyond simply updating waste disposal procedures, Veolia Water Technologies offers solutions that find value in the by-products of the Food & Beverage business.
  • Recovery, recycling and reuse of water
    Veolia Water Technologies ensures the sustainable use of water. This is particularly important for certain Food & Beverage players, such as poultry and greenhouse farmers. The use of our membrane processes for water treatment greatly extends the water cycle.

Veolia Water Technologies has more than 1,000 reference projects in the Food & Beverage industry. Our 9,000 employees, working in subsidiaries worldwide, provide the group with solid expertise in key industry areas.

  • Veolia Water Technologies is recognised for our expertise in the Food & Beverage sector. We use this expertise to support the aquaculture and dairy industries, as well as to process meat, fruits and vegetables. We also enable the manufacture of oil in optimal conditions.
  • Veolia Water Technologies is also present in the beverage sector – working closely with breweries, so drink producers, spirit producers and distilleries.