Pharmaceutical Industry

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Veolia Water Technologies, a world leader in water treatment, advises and assists the pharmaceutical industry on all water-related matters. Our expertise helps reduce production costs for customers while protecting their installations. We treat all kinds of wastewater and provide compendial water compliant with pharmacopoeias requirements

Reducing the needs of a water-intensive industry

Veolia Water Technologies has a century of expertise in water treatment. Our globally valued expertise positions our group as a world leader in water cycle issues.

The pharmaceutical industry demands high levels of assistance when it comes to limiting environmental impacts. Drug production requires significant amounts of water, in all instances. We have a wide range of products we can supply to meet all your needs, including:

  • Purified water adhering to the standards of the pharmacopoeia
  • Sterile pyrogen-free water
  • PPI water for injectable preparations


The best of Veolia Water Technologies is at your service

Veolia Water Technologies uses the latest technological breakthroughs to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs for customers – without compromising process safety or product quality. We can help with:

  • Pretreatment
  • Pure water production
  • Storage 
  • Distribution
  • Effluent treatment 

Veolia Water Technologies serves the pharmaceutical industry


Veolia Water Technologies takes care of all aspects of the water cycle for pharmaceutical businesses. This know-how represents an important source of competitiveness, enabling large-scale synergies with the ultimate goal of the creation of a circular economy for customers.

As part of the ongoing energy transition, Veolia Water Technologies aims to reduce energy needs by reusing freshwater resources. Wastewater treatment may offer opportunities to recover valuable elements.

Water plays a crucial role in many activities of the pharmaceutical industry. It is a key component of many drugs, and is also used to cool and clean the facility. For our customers to continue to sell their products, it is essential they can guarantee that they were produced using pharmacopoeia-compliant water and using cGMP. Our expertise enables us to offer complete solutions for quality water production and wastewater treatment.

Whether for pretreatment, purified water or water for injection (WFI), storage, distribution or effluent treatment services, Veolia Water Technologies uses the latest technological advances to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs for customers – without compromising the safety of processes or product quality. From developing water treatment technologies to project management and service offerings, we maintain high levels of service to meet specific market expectations.

Veolia: partner of Novartis Laboratories

Veolia manages waste, energy and water for Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis in fifteen European sites. Our water technologies produce process water, treat toxic effluents and implement circular savings by exploiting valuable by-products.

Our technologies at the service of the pharmaceutical industry

Veolia Water Technologies has many water technologies, that when used together further optimise the value of water. We can provide solutions that address the generic problems affecting various industries, as well as cater to the highly specific needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries – where only very high quality water will do.


ORION MKIII®. Orion technology brings together all scientific advances made by Veolia Water Technologies' for the pharmaceutical industry. The Orion comes as a skid-mounted multi-technology system.

Featuring core technologies of softening, reverse osmosis and CEDI—which may be fully or partially sanitised using hot water—all systems follow our stringent, sustainable manufacturing guidelines and are FAT-tested prior to delivery.  

Depending on the model, the Orion® system produces between 500 litres and 20m3 of purified water per hour.

IonPRO LX® is a standardised system that produces purified water. IonPRO LX combines softening reverse osmosis and electro-deionisation



POLARIS is Veolia's family of distillation products for producing water for injection and highly purified water.

With high capacities and a range of designs available, that includes both steam and electrically heated units, we have the most comprehensive and truly global portfolio in the market today.

POLARIS includes:

  • Multi Effect Distillers (MED)
  • Vapour Compression Distillers (VCD)
  • Clean Steam Generators (CSG)
  • Combi units for simultaneous water and steam production

All Veolia Water Technology solutions for compendial water production are designed in accordance with GAMP, cGMP, ISPE and FDA guidelines. What’s more, they will meet the product quality specifications of all the world's major pharmacopeia—including the USP and Ph Eur—giving you peace of mind and compliance assurance, wherever your facility is.


Veolia Water Technologies: your needs, our solutions

We are the world leader in wastewater solutions. We design and build turnkey plants for treating complex wastewaters from API, pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics production facilities. Whatever the manufacturing process is and wherever the facility is located, we can treat the wastewater.

Our portfolio of proven technologies for pharmaceutical and personal care products (PCPs) wastewaters include: