Extensive experience in clarification/settling

Proven and adaptable sludge-clarifier technology for municipal and industrial use.


Multiflo™系列(Mono、Mono Plus、Duo和Trio)在全球拥有500多个应用,涵盖了各种活性污泥澄清池的应用。该工艺系列适用于各种规模的水厂,可以处理各类原水和污染负荷。Multiflo™时一种高效去除总悬浮固体(TSS)、颜色、藻类和重金属的沉淀工艺,从而生产饮用水。




  • 紧凑、快速反应的斜板沉淀工艺
  • 采用混凝和絮凝进行澄清
  • 占地紧凑,可以比其他传统的澄清池小10到20倍
  • Multiflo处理地表水达到可以饮用
  • 大量的工业应用,包括工艺水处理
  • 城市污水的一级处理和三级处理
  • 优化的、简单的、易于操作的工艺
  • 处理难以澄清的水非常有效
  • 全球超过500个城市和工业项目应用

With more than 500 plants equipped with Multiflo™ worldwide, the series (Mono, Mono Plus, Duo and Trio) covers a variety of sludge-clarifier applications. This product range is ideal for small to large-sized plants and can treat any kind of water characteristics and pollutant loads. Multiflo™ offers an efficient process for removing total suspended solids (TSS), colour, algae and heavy metal co-precipitates for drinking water production. 

Multiflo™ can be installed for primary, secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater and storm water for partial, normal or advanced removal of suspended solids, carbonaceous pollutants and phosphorous.
It can also be used in the softening process, and the polishing process to remove pesticides, organic matter and new emerging pollutants.


Multiflo™ Water Clarifier Features

  • Compact and fast-acting lamella process
  • Water clarification using coagulation and flocculation
  • Compact footprint which may be 10 to 20 times smaller than other, conventional clarification solutions
  • Multiflo is used to make surface water drinkable
  • Numerous industrial applications including process water treatment
  • Primary and tertiary treatment of urban residual wastewater
  • Optimised, simple and easy-to-operate process
  • Highly effective in treating water that is difficult to clarify
  • Deployed to over 500 applications worldwide for both municipal and industrial users



We design and manage innovative solutions for a wide range of water and wastewater treatment applications. 

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Municipal drinking water systems and management of surface and ground water.


MULTIFLO™ Brochure (3.2 MB)