ACTIFLO® Disc is a polishing solution designed to achieve high removal levels of suspended solids and phosphorus in municipal and industrial wastewater for water reuse.

Actiflo® Disc’s configuration combines two efficient and compact treatment processes: a conventional Actiflo® phase, namely coagulation-flocculation ballasted bu microsand which allows for high-performance clarification, followed by a rotating disk filter polishing system for tertiary treatment.

With a total removal rate in excess of 95% for phosphorus and up to more than 99% for suspended solids, Actiflo Disc’s performance exceeds most discharge and reuse standards.


  • Very compact solution, easy to adjust to present facilities or sites to be refurbished.
  • Compactness: a footprint up to 80% lower than other conventional processes.
  • Very low water losses
  • Provides a protective barrier against parasites (ex: Helminth eggs).
  • Lower turbidity, suspended solids and reduces residual phosphate contents.
  • Gravity filtration
  • Continuous supply with no shutdown to wash filters



Thanks to its unique equipment design, ACTIFLO® Disc is applicable in several industrial and municipal situations.

Municipal applications

  • Pre-treatment upstream of the membrane to produce drinking water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment for reuse in irrigation, replenishing the groundwater table or for urban use.


Industrial applications

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Production of process water
  • Wastewater treatment for reuse


Some Municipal References

Municipal wastewater/Reuse


  • El Prat (Baix Llobregat), Barcelona, Spain, 2006, 346,000 m3/day Tertiary treatment for reuse, aquifer recharge, irrigation, urban cleaning, salt wedge and in industry
  • Camp Tarragona (Tarragona), Spain, 2010, 30,000 m3/ day - Tertiary treatment for reuse as process water and coolant in the chemicals industry
  • Hefei Binhu Beilaowei (Ph. I), China, 2014,30 000 m3/dayTertiary treatment, settling velocity
  • Manawatu District Council, Feilding WWTP, New Zealand, 2013, 7,500 m3/day Tertiary treatment of biological filtration effluents
  • TOM Prinsenland, Dinteloord, Netherlands, 2013, 2,400 m3/day pre-treatment of effluents and surface water upstream of an “RO”, reuse for greenhouse irrigation


Municipal potable water

  • Harpeth Valley UD, Nashville, TN, USA - 90,000 m3/day, (2015)


Some Industrial References

Industrial reuse /process water

  • Bäckhammars Bruk, Kristinehamn, Sweden, 2002, 48,000 m3/day Treatment of river water to produce Pulp & Paper process water
  • Mankato, USA, 2006, 54,000m3/day Tertiary treatment for reuse as boiler water at the Calpine plant
  • Vale, (Inco) Goro Nickel, New Caledonia, France, 2008, 70,000 m3/day 
  • Polishing treatment of mine effluents for disposal in sensitive natural environments.
  • Corning Japan, Japan, 2010, 500 m3/day Primary treatment of effluents for microelectronics sector
  • Stratford Peaker Power Project , Taranaki, New Zealand, 2010, 6,000 m3/day River water treatment for process water production
  • Philips Lumileds, Bayan Lepas (Penang), Malaysia, 2012, 800 m3/day, Primary treatment of effluents for microelectronics sector, reuse as process water

Actiflo® Disc的配置把两种高效紧凑的工艺相结合:Actiflo微砂加载混凝/絮凝高效沉淀池,后接转盘过滤器的深度处理系统。

Actiflo Disc可实现95%的总磷去除率和超过99%的悬浮颗粒物去除率,其效率可满足大部分排放和回用标准。


  • 非常紧凑,方便兼容已有设施或水厂改造
  • 紧凑:占地面积比其他传统工艺低80%。
  • 水耗非常低
  • 提供抗寄生虫的防护屏障(例如:蠕虫卵)
  • 更低的浊度、悬浮颗粒物并且减少剩余的磷酸盐含量
  • 重力压载过滤
  • 连续运行,冲洗滤片无需关停。



  • El Prat (Baix Llobregat)、巴塞罗那、西班牙,2006 - 346,000立方米/天,三级处理、回用、含水层补给、灌溉、城市环卫清洁、盐水楔和工业用途
  • Camp Tarragona(塔拉戈纳省)、西班牙,2010 - 346,000 立方米/天,三级处理、回用做化工业的工艺水和冷却水
  • 合肥滨湖北老圩一期、中国,2014-30,000立方米/天,三级处理,高速沉淀
  • Manawatu区自治会,Feilding污水处理厂、新西兰,2013-7,500立方米/天,生物滤池出水的三级处理
  • TOM Prinsenland、Dinteloord、荷兰,2013-2,400立方米/天,用于反渗透膜法上游的废水和地表水预处理、回用于温室灌溉



  • Harpeth Valley UD、纳什维尔、田纳西州、美国2015 - 90,000立方米/天




  • Bäckhammars Bruk、克里斯蒂娜港、瑞典,2002 - 48,000立方米/天,处理河水用于造纸业的工艺水
  • 曼凯托市、美国2006 - 54,000立方米/天,三级处理回用,作为卡尔派恩公司水厂锅炉水
  • Vale, (Inco) Goro Nicke、新喀里多尼亚岛、法国,2008 - 70,000立方米/天,采矿废水的深度处理用于敏感自然环境排放
  • 康宁公司日本分公司、日本,2010 - 500立方米/天,微电子工业废水的一级处理r
  • Stratford Peaker发电项目、新西兰,2010 - 6,000立方米/天,处理河水用于工艺水生产
  • 飞利浦、巴六拜 (槟城)、马来西亚,2012 - 800立方米/天,微电子工业废水的一级处理、回用作工艺水


凭借其独特的设备设计,ACTIFLO® Disc适用于多种工业和市政情况。


  • 饮用水处理:膜法处理上游的预处理
  • 市政污水
  • 三级污水处理,可回用于灌溉,或补充城市地下水


  • 工业废水处理 
  • 工艺水生产
  • 中水回用


ACTIFLO® Disc Datasheet (751.62 KB)