Compact Pressure Filtration Unit for Turbidity Removal

The FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Mono/Duo/Trio) pressure sand filters reduce Turbidity from water

The FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Mono/Duo/Trio) skid-mounted units are ready to connect and combine to treat different flows and loads:

  • Efficient and flexible sand pressure filtration process
  • Produces from 25 up to 100 m3/h per unit
  • Compliance with standards: ACS, CODAP, 97/23/CE Directive..
  • Plug & Play system, quick installation and commissioning
  • Compact, skid-mounted unit, can be containerized
  • Easy integration into existing plant

Local Service Support

  • Fast delivery and commissioning
  • Safety standards
  • Part and media replacement
  • Preventive and curative maintenance


ACS (Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire) is issued by the laboratories entrusted of carrying out the certifications for the Drinking water application according to the circulars issued by the French Health Department.

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient and proven technology using pressure sand filtration
  • A range of 3 standardized units producing from 25 up to 100 m3/h
  • Modular systems which can be combined with a oxidation tower for Iron removal
  • Easy to operate, remote control device
  • Skid-mounted systems which can be easily integrated into concrete plants
  • Cost effective solution, pre-assembled in our workshops allowing a short delivery time and fast commissioning
  • Flexible, can be used for many applications: drinking water, utility water, re-use, etc.
  • Options available: flow regulation, etc.


Quality Standards
FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Mono/Duo/Trio) is pre-assembled in our workshops, using the best materials:

  • ACS certification (French Health compliance)
  • CODAP 2000, D Category
  • 97/23/CE Directive for Pressure equipment
  • NF EN ISO 12944 : Corrosion Protection of Steel Structures by protective paint systems (parts 1-7)
  • We guarantee internal and external coatings for 5 years (R3 degree of rusting, degree 7 of efficiency)

The FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Mono/Duo/Trio)standard product range can treat from 25 up to 100 m3/h per unit. They can be combined to produce higher flow-rates. Modular, it can be supplemented with an oxidation tower in order to form an FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Fe) unit (iron removal).


The FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Mono/Duo/Trio) unit comprises a sand filter. Particulate matter is directly retained by the filter media. Extremely easy to use, the filter must be washed periodically, depending on the type of water treated:

  • Lined steel filter, French Health Compliance Certification (ACS) or stainless steel lining
  • Stainless steel panoply
  • Electrical or pneumatic valves
  • Variable dimension and weight depending on the volume to be treated
  • Media charged for reducing turbidity or refinement
  • Flexible system, several options available
  • Remote control device
  • Prefabricated modular building to be placed on a concrete slab
  • Operating pressure from 0 to 16 bars
  • Support for setting up and commissioning
  • Operating support
  • Washing skid


FILTRAFLO™ PACK (Mono/Duo/Trio) Datasheet (324.31 KB)