Complete generation, storage and distribution package.

USP and Ph EUR Purified Water and Ph EUR Highly purified Water Requirements. Triton is a unique package system integrating many features.


  • Cabinet design with integrated pure water storage
  • State-of-the art and proven electrodeionisation module
  • Internal boost and distribution pumps
  • Automatic self-disinfection system
  • Low noise level & minimised footprint
  • Unique pharmaceutical design for pure water applications
  • Assembled and tested prior shipment



  • Purified water needs of 350 l/h (1.54 gpm)
  • Production of clinical trial material
  • Scale-up from research to production
  • Pilot trials
  • Small volume specialist products
  • Large scale research products




Integral class "A" air break tank on feedwater supply

To comply with local by-laws and save space

High efficiency Reverse Osmosis membrane

For broad removal of organic/inorganics

Chemical free electrodeionisation module

For exceeding purified water conductivity specification

Integral 350 ltr Triton water reservoir with bacterial vent filter to maintain microbiological integrity and spray-ball return to ensure full coverage of internal surfaces

To prevent bio-film build up

Variable speed re-circulation pump

To provide instantaneous delivery flow whilst minimising temperature gain and noise level

Ultra-violet steriliser

For continual bacteria destruction and maintenance of low microbiological levels

Ultrafiltration membrane (optional)

Providing Highly Purified Water quality (with respect to bacteria and endotoxin)

Integrated self-disinfection facility with comprehensive monitoring and control system

To maintain the system in a hygienic state and to support validation and protect downstream processes by inhibiting bacterial growth opportunities

Hygienic sample point

To ensure reliable and consistent, off line water quality monitoring

Small footprint (depth & width)

Maximises use of space

Product and loop return calibrated conductivity-meter

To comply with USP <645> non-temperature compensated conductivity requirement


State-of-the art disinfection

Access is secured by a unique 'i-button' control interface. The system recognises the disinfectant solution and the disinfection is fully automated monitoring and control. No need to remove filters or CEDI.



Direct access via the front-entry service door, plus quick-fit connections, facilitates easy replacement of consumables. For extra convenience and enhanced quality control, the Triton also features reminders for disinfection, maintenance and consumable replacements.


Treated Water Specification

Max.continuous make-up flowrate

350 l/h @15ºC

Distribution flowrate

1800 l/h @ 3.5 bar


<1.3 µS/cm*





*subject to a max feedwater conductivity of <700 µS/cm. For use outside the range please contact the technical department.

**System to be regularly sanitised and installed according to design guidelines. Sample to be taken from hygienic sample valve and sampled in accordance with VWS guidelines.

***Optional ultrafiltration required for endotoxin guarantee.


Feedwater Requirements


Total Hardness


Total Chlorine

CI ppm



Si02 ppm


Fouling Index




FE/Mn ppm




Recommended 15-20ºC

Max flowrate

600 l/h

Drain requirements (gravity fall with air gap) max during sanitisation

1800 l/h

Feedwater pressure

10bar (150psi) max

2bar (30psi) min

*Requires a softened water feed as standard


Weights and Dimensions

  • Height - 1820mm
  • Width - 950mm
  • Depth - 1100mm
  • Supply weight - 250kg
  • Operational weight - 600kg


Electrical Requirements

  • Mains input - 400av ac, 50Hz
  • Power consumption (peak demand) - 4000VA
  • Electrical protection rating - 20amps
  • Noise level during re-circulation - <60dBA