Chemical conditioning of water

Chemicals used in the water treatment process play a vital role in optimising the water cycle. Water chemically conditioned by state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technologies ensures the long-term safety and performance of installations. With a breadth of experience in this area, Veolia Waters Technologies is recognised as a world leader.


Veolia Water Technologies has globally-recognised expertise in the chemical conditioning of water. Our expertise in water treatment is based on:

  • the quality of our advanced technologies
  • our commitment to sustainable development

To meet the varied needs of our customers, including those working across industry and in public authorities, our Hydrex™ technology solutions provide more than 2000 different formulas. This enables Veolia Water Technologies to manage all dimensions of the water cycle on a global scale for customers. We also offer integrated, efficient solutions to reduce economic and environmental footprints through synergy.

Discover the range of Hydrex™ technologies

The quality of our state-of-the-art technologies guarantees partners:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced chemical compound consumption
  • Optimised maintenance costs
  • Lower operating costs

Our range of Hydrex™ chemical conditioning solutions provide water treatment in the following areas:

  • Cooling circuit and boiler supply.
  • Domestic hot water production.
  • Drinking water and process water production.
  • Plant effluent treatment.

Hydrex™ technologies can also clean and disinfect the following installations:

  • Boilers.
  • Water networks.
  • Cooling towers.
  • Water treatment: filtering, softening, osmosis.
  • Storage in vats and water towers

A wide variety of clients

Hydrex™ technologies are used by all Veolia divisions. Our external clients work across a variety of industries from pharmaceutical and healthcare, to heavy industry such as mining but also professional services. All our technologies are subject to strict control and validation tests from our research and development department as well as from Veolia Environnement.

Why choose Hydrex™ solutions?

Our Hydrex™ products are designed to optimize installations and find synergy between hardware and products. Our service guarantees a dedicated contact who ensures the smooth operation of our water treatment installations. Our technical products are ISO certified and when necessary, can have additional approval such as FDA, NSF or ANSI 60 for instance – and guarantee competitive prices for our customers.

After performing an audit of customers’ facilities, we select the Hydrex™ technology solutions best suited to their specific needs to create unique proposals. These customised proposals consider process and water quality constraints before and after treatment.

Our service includes:

  • An online analysis
  • Remote access to control parameters
  • An optimisation of injection methods for our chemical formulas, used for the treatment of  water

A clear commitment to our customers

Veolia Water Technologies develops transparent partnerships as part of the service delivery of Hydrex™ technologies, as well as rigorous monitoring plans. Veolia Water Technologies is therefore committed to ensuring results are achievable and measurable for clients, for long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships. 

Veolia Water Technologies also offers the necessary equipment for water purification, such as filters, softeners, etc.

Our services actively help to:

  • Prevent staining, corrosion and clogging.
  • Reduce unnecessary downtime.
  • Optimise production levels.
  • Reduce environmental risks.
  • Save energy.


Veolia Water Technologies is also developing non-chemical packaging processes

To complement the chemical processes of the Hydrex™ range, Veolia Water Technologies is developing a second range of ecological additives.

The addition of low environmental impact substitution compounds helps our customers:

  • comply with environmental regulations 
  • contribute to the sustainable development of their business 
  • consider the needs of the planet.

Committed to sustainable development, Veolia Water Technologies pays particular attention to the impact of our technologies as well as the environmental footprint of our customers. That's why we provide our public and private partners with non-chemical process solutions. That includes:

  • reverse osmosis to reduce purges
  • the polishing of condensates prior to recycling and reuse
  • recovery systems for brackish and used water

To reach its full industrial potential, water requires adequate chemical treatment. Veolia Water Technologies offers cutting-edge technologies that respect the environment and contribute to sustainable development. Our know-how represents a competitive advantage for our customers, one that is widely recognised around the world.