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France's First Energy-Positive Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Veolia Water Technologies China has launched our WeChat Official Account.
Kraft Heinz China has selected Veolia Water Technologies to provide the multinational food manufacturer with a wastewater treatment solution for its new soy sauce plant in Guangdong, China. The implementation of Veolia’s technologies at Kraft Heinz’s new plant in Guangdong will enable them to meet the stringent national and provincial discharge standards.
As Asia's leading environmental show, IE Expo China 2018 was held in Shanghai from May 3 to May 5.
Veolia Water Technologies China Industrial today announces that a new contract has been signed to provide China-based Nutricia Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Danone Nutricia) with a turnkey solution for water purification.
Hebei China Salt Longxiang Salt Co., Ltd of China National Salt Industry has selected Veolia’s MVR salt crystallization system for a new plant to produce food-grade salt in Ningjin, Hebei Province, PRC.
By winning a €156 million contract from the Sri Lankan National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Veolia, through its subsidiaries OTV and SADE, will help provide access to water on a large scale in the Greater Matale area.