Veolia Water Technologies and biofuel innovations

Plant-based biofuels are part of a growing market. Facing the disappearance of fossil fuels, Veolia Water Technologies is committed to industries that focus on green fuels. Our technologies allow customers to treat wastewater while finding value in used food oils and greases.

Veolia Water Technologies is committed to developing biofuels.

Biofuel development is a major tool in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change linked to the release of CO2 and the depletion of fossil fuel reserves make biofuel a key resource for the future.

With our commitment to sustainable development, Veolia Water Technologies puts its know-how at the centre of innovation efforts for renewable energies. The energy potential of biomass encourages our teams of researchers and engineers to implement innovative processes to serve the planet and our customers.

The boom in biofuels on the global industrial landscape is creating new obligations for professionals – specifically related to the imperatives of the energy transition. Adaptation and evolution are the buzzwords of this sector, and Veolia Water Technologies supports all its customers in these changes.


What does Veolia Water Technologies offer?

As a technology innovator, Veolia Water Technologies has a keen understanding of the importance of biofuel development. We support this industrial challenge with our technologies, and create tailor-made solutions to suit all needs.    

Veolia Water Technologies produces clarified water by pretreatment, via the Actiflo™ process. We produce purified water, demineralised water and osmosis water which can be used for the creation and supply of boilers and cooling towers.

Veolia Water Technologies is also a leader in evaporation techniques, or the methanation, of vinasses. Our high performance process concentrates vinasse by up to 50% and reduces energy requirements for the drying stages. Our HESC module is based on a forced circulation technology designed for this purpose. The system recycles process water normally dissipated into the air by evaporation.

In an increasingly competitive sector, Veolia Water Technologies can also offer our bioethanol industrial partners innovative solutions to facilitate the operation of ethanol evaporation plants.


We transform food oils into fuel


Veolia collects thousands of tons of used oil every year from restaurants and the food industry. Veolia Water Technologies' scientific processes make it possible to transform this waste product into biofuel. Through microfiltration and settling processes, waste oil is separated from the water for reuse.


The environmental gains are huge. 1 litre of used oil recovered as a biofuel replaces the emission of 3kgs of CO2. The reduction when compared to diesel is 92%.

Veolia water technologies recycles used oils


  • 10,000 tons of used food oils are collected each year.
  • 20,000 tons of biofuels are produced per year.
  • 1,200 litres of biofuels are generated per ton of used oil.

Our biofuel technologies 

Our proprietary technologies are specifically designed to take advantage of biofuel opportunities. Veolia Water Technologies has efficient processes for isolating and harvesting usable greases to transform them into fuel. This allows us to create value while treating wastewater.

  • Actiflo, a lamellar settling process using weighted flocs. This patented high-speed clarifier is exclusive to Veolia Water Technologies. Actiflo has over a thousand references worldwide, having proved its effectiveness in local communities and industries for more than 25 years.
  • Biothane Anaerobic Technologies is a principle for converting pollutants into biogas. This process of transforming biowaste into a biofuel is relatively cheap, based on a bacterial treatment using anaerobes.
  • Biolix is a biological treatment that removes hydrocarbons and grease from pretreatment units. The process uses a specific biomass to treat the substrate that makes up the fat by producing sludge and CO2. The greases are then isolated for reuse and recovery.
  • Agira is a technology for treating grease and sludge. It is particularly effective in the context of agri-food industries. The hydrolysis treatment removes around 70-90% of lipids and is an easy-to-install solution for the production of biodiesel.
  • Biosep biologically treats effluents from industries and public authorities. This innovative solution combines membrane processes for water treatment and activated sludge treatments.

All these technologies help improve our sustainable development expertise. The circular economy is a pillar of our business, thanks to the water technologies developed by Veolia Waters Technologies.

The European Commission has set a goal for the European transport industry to use 10% renewable energy in its operations. Veolia Water Technologies, a leader in technological innovation for sustainable development, is working to extend the use of biofuels in the industry. Our efficient, flexible and inexpensive processes enable our partners to treat wastewater while increasing the value of biowaste by converting it into green energy.