Ultra pure water for all your laboratory work

The quality and purity level of water is a fundamental requirement for the validity of many experiments and tests in laboratories.

Veolia Water Technologies and Elga offer compact, powerful and innovative devices for the treatment of ultra pure, purified and osmosis water. 

Laboratory water: a specific treatment

Whether it’s for a clinical trial or other experimental procedure carried out in the laboratory, the absolute purity and quality of the water used is an essential specification imposed on research teams. The absence of bacteria, microbial elements and various residues guarantees the reproducibility of the test in a scientific environment, as well as the optimal behaviour of the chemical reagents used during testing.

For more than 80 years, the Veolia Group has focused on providing professionals and research applications with pure, neutral and immediately exploitable laboratory water. The expertise of Veolia Water Technologies and our subsidiary Elga extends to water production and quality control for a wide variety of uses in clinical settings. Whether you’re looking for purified water for rinsing and cleaning work plans and tools, or need ultra-pure water to carry out the most sensitive work and tests – don’t hesitate to call on our expertise.

Focus on different laboratory waters

Depending on the nature of the proposed research, water required for laboratory tests may be:

  • Ultra pure water type I or I +.
  • Purified water type II or II +.
  • An osmosis water type III.


PURELAB® Chorus: a tailor-made treatment solution    

Well ahead of market standards, Elga's patented PURELAB® Chorus range is dedicated to the total customisation of your laboratory water production and microfiltration systems. In direct collaboration with the nine regional agencies of Veolia Water Technologies, you can define your own system by choosing the level of water quality, production and storage space available, distribution points of your teams, circular economy of the water cycle, decarbonation of water, etc.

Devices in the PURELAB® Chorus range take into account all work and budget constraints specific to many laboratories and research institutes. Veolia's engineers, recognised specialists in water technologies, work constantly to ensure you get the best value laboratory water for your needs.   

Other technologies available

Cell culture, clinical biochemistry, atomic spectroscopy, genetic analysis, microbiological analysis ... whatever your area of expertise, Veolia Water Technologies has developed the most appropriate water technology for your laboratory. Our most innovative features include:    

  • The Médica range, in accordance with AFNOR 15189, is dedicated to the purification of water for biochemistry analysers. Médica devices are distinguished by a compact, practical size, coupled with a very high rate of microbacteria elimination. The presence of a bypass circuit allows the Médica units to continue supplying the analyser even in the event of unavailability or malfunction of the main circuit.
  • The Aquadem range, technology used to produce demineralised water, is based on ion exchange resins in order to obtain water with exceptional resistivity properties.
  • The Centra range enables simple and fast installation of purified water distribution loops in all kinds of laboratories. This integrated turnkey solution includes the production, storage and feeding of the various distribution points.
  • The Biopure range includes a high-quality disinfection and microfiltration device for purified water that can be used directly in a clinical trial. The production and filtration capacity of laboratory water is between 7 and 600 litres per hour, suiting the needs of both small and large institutions that are highly dependent on the resource.

Maintenance, assistance and help with equipment validation

When you install a device for the production and filtration of laboratory water from Veolia Water Technologies, you automatically qualify for a number of additional services designed to ensure the optimal operation of your equipment.

Regardless of the size or location of your laboratory, our specialised regional teams will provide a support service including preventive and regular maintenance that will improve the sustainability and overall performance of the system. Veolia Water Technologies and Elga also provide advice and training for direct users of our technologies. What’s more, you can also access extensive, easily downloadable online resources.

How you use water as well as the work carried out inside your laboratory can affect the official validation of your facility. Elga offers personalised support and a unique package in the marketplace to speed up and facilitate this validation process.


Rigorous tests conducted in the laboratory involve filtered and pretreated water that has undergone the same level of rigour! Veolia Water Technologies works alongside managers of all laboratories and research institutes to offer them some of the most innovative purification and disinfection solutions on the market.