Pulp and Paper

Water treatment for the pulp and paper industry

Pulp and paper water treatment

We address economic and environmental challenges by optimizing mill performance, improving energy efficiency, providing efficient water treatment solutions and assisting our clients reduce the ecological impact of their activities. Our expertise, in water treatment, reduces water cycle costs and optimizes water consumption per ton of pulp and paper produced.

Veolia Water Technologies' offering provides a reliable supply of quality process water as it is a key component for a variety of mill operations. We offer technologies for all aspects of pulp and paper wastewater management within the facility.


Pulp & Paper Technomap

Pulp and paper wastewater treatment

Anaerobic digestion is an efficient pulp and paper wastewater treatment to stabilize sludge and produce biogas for renewable energy. Increase clients profitability in a context of stringent environmental regulation by providing a worldwide recognized anaerobic digestion expertise is a key challenge for us. In addition, we undertake refurbishment and upgrade works for aging facilities to comply with new regulations.


Black liquor treatment

We are also the world leader in the design and supply of black liquor evaporators worldwide. As a crucial portion to the recovery process, our systems provide highly efficient chemical recovery with concentrations of up to 80% Total Solids to the recovery boiler while producing high-quality condensate for reuse leading to the preservation of the water source and to reduce costs. To complete the recovery cycle, we provide complementary water treatment technologies for different applications such as ash treatment.