Hydrex™ Chemicals for Membranes

Water Treatment Chemicals for Membrane Protection and Cleaning

For water treatment equipment filtration membrane protection, Hydrex™ offers the 4000 series.

Hydrex™ 4000 series especially conceived for Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration treatment plants. This range helps to reduce maintenance and operation costs, protect the expensive membrane elements and ensure smooth and efficient operation, through dechlorination, surface disinfection and/or membranes cleaning. It includes:

  • Pre-membrane dechlorination
  • Surface disinfection (organic substances, etc.)
  • Cleaning of membranes (carbonate, sulfates, metal oxides, etc.)


The Hydrex™ 4000 series covers chemicals suitable for filtration membrane protection:

  • Anti-scaling agents
  • Biocides
  • Chlorine removal
  • C. I. P. programs
  • Storage agentd


Most of Hydrex™ 4000 series chemicals are approved by major membrane suppliers. Par of them approved by NSF - and UL for Drinking water application.