Electro-Filter Plates Sludge Dryer

The all-new sustainable electrodialysis technology for effective sludge dewatering


Sludge is a resource

Today, sewage sludge is increasingly being recognized as a resource.

Although the disposal of sludge by landfilling remains a common practice in many parts of the world, the method is fast phasing out as Governments tighten environmental regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prevent secondary contamination, and to free up valuable land for other uses.

Sludge contains a significant amount of water — as much as 80% — and the disposal of this wet sludge is a source of environmental concern. The treatment of sludge to reduce volume and to transform it into recoverable products has become a growing necessity. 

The effective treatment of sludge provides tangible following benefits:

  • sludge volumes and the associated disposal costs are significantly reduced 
  • water is recovered for potential reuse
  • health risks associated with sludge are reduced or eradicated
  • agricultural fertilizer can potentially be created

Anyway, most municipalities handling sewage sludge would have it dewatered and stabilized to ensure that regulatory requirements for treatment and disposal are met.  

Deselec animated diagram

Meet Deselec™

Veolia’s new electrodialysis technology for sludge dewatering can help municipalities to: 

  • meet carbon neutrality targets and environmental requirements
  • achieve increased drying solid (DS) content of ≧ 45%
  • reduce chemical usage by 50%
  • eliminate heavy metal presence in the sludge
  • automate and digitize sludge treatment process
  • attain sustainable daily operations
  • lower the general cost of sludge treatment

When searching for a sludge dewatering solution, it is important to identify a partner who can offer the right technology to address your specific needs and challenges with the most cost-effective solution. With over 350 proprietary technologies and 160 years of experience, Veolia Water Technologies is well-positioned to support your sludge treatment needs.