Veolia to Address Pharma Industry’s Agility & Continuity Needs in China with Mobile Orion® Launch

Veolia Water Technologies will officially launch its Mobile Water Services Orion® in China at the 2021 China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition (CIPM Expo) in Qingdao.  

For the first time in China, the leading water and wastewater solutions provider will showcase the Mobile Orion® — an innovative, reliable, and proven purified water technology that addresses manufacturers’ temporary needs.

Helping Customers Respond Nimbly to Changing Business Demands

Veolia’s water treatment solutions are excellent options for manufacturers facing changes in their water needs. Some of these scenarios include having to deal with unexpected surges in product demand, conduct production trials, or to plan for a maintenance shutdown without disrupting production. Under such circumstances, manufacturers may find the option of a mobile water treatment solution to be an asset in meeting their short-term requirements effectively and efficiently. In addition, these mobile solutions also work well for manufacturers who have determined that a permanent plant would not yield a good return of investment for a particular project.

The Mobile Orion® provides a fully hot water sanitizable multi-technology system on a portable skid-mounted construction. This service offer enhances Veolia’s responsiveness to its customer’s emergency, planned, or multi-year requirements. The high-performance system comprises capabilities critical for the water cycle in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes — softening, reverse osmosis, degassing, electro-deionization, and ultraviolet sterilization. It also meets the current USP and Ph Eur purified water quality standards and fully complies with the FDA, cGMP, and GAMP requirements. With the Mobile Orion®, manufacturers can be assured of a safe and secure supply of purified water to meet and exceed the stringent quality and significant quantity demands that are critical for pharmaceutical grade applications.

“With this mobile offering, we are able to provide an innovative approach to meet the pharma industry’s need — whenever and wherever a purified water treatment solution is required temporarily, and whether for a short or long-term period,” shared James PENG, Business Director, Industry China, Veolia Water Technologies. “This rental scheme allows customers to meet their business’ sustainability objectives with minimal capital investment while optimizing their operational expenditure.”


Knowledge Sharing Platform

At the CIPM Expo 2021, Veolia will also be sharing its expertise with attendees on the application of the company’s advanced technologies in the pharmaceutical sector.




11 May 2021

3.00 pm

Room 208, 2F,  Conference Center

Optimizing the Pharmaceutical Water System with Mobile and Digital Solutions

Bonnie GAO 

Key Account Manager, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Market, Veolia Water Technologies, China

To learn more about Veolia’s solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, visit Veolia in HALL N4, BOOTH No.28, at CIPM Expo 2021 from 10-12 May or go to